Dakbatt Wolfwol is a Grand Moff of the Empire character on RpG-System

Grand Moff Dakbatt WolfwolEdit

Dakbatt Wolfwol has control of his sector, which is the Tapani Sector and is a member of the Imperial Council .As captain of his personnal flagship called Vengence, which is a 10,800 meters long Super-Star Destroyer he keep his sector fleet in line and defends his sector whenever it's under attack.


Dakbatt were born on Coruscant to a wealthy family. His father were a Stormtrooper in the Imperial Army. But when Dakbatt were at the age of 20, he recieved a letter which said that his father had died in combat against the Rebels. So after he heard that, he decided to join the Imperial Army to avenge his father. After Dakbatt had completed the basic training, he went to Officer Academy where he was teached how to command a squad and such. Dakbatt were doing really good at the Officer Academy, so he ranked up quickly. But when he came to his first battle he was given a squad, which were ordered to flank the enemy. His squad got quickly around to the flank and took up sniper positions. Dakbatt and 2 others from his sqaud weren't good with snipers, but very good with the Imperial Heavy Repeater gun, so they could give support fire. There were squads on both flanks, so the squads broke some of the enemy's lines. Quickly, the main army blasted their way thru and after some hours of battleing the enemy routed. After years of wars, wounds and alot of hard work, Dakbatt finally reached the rank of Moff, and at the time he could finally rest from the wars.
Dakbatt Wolfwol
Biographical information
Date of birth32 BBY
Physical description
Height1.71 meters
Hair colorBrown/Grey
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era
AffiliationGalactic Empire, Imperial Remnant